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Skillest: A Journey to Golf Improvement with Jay Kelly

What does it really require for your game to improve?

Well for starters you need a great coach. Then you need Hole19 to track your stats to isolate weaknesses. Then you need Skillest which allows your coach to analyse your technique regards of where you are.... then you need a plan!

This summer we are bringing all of these elements together to help a 22 handicapper become a single figure golfer. Jay Kelly (PGA Professional) will take one of his students on a 3 month journey to better and we are all going to come along for the ride and watch this golfer's evolution.

Jay Kelly is the head professional at Redlibbits Golf Club in Kent, England. He is one of the countries up and coming young teaching professionals and loves using technology to help his students evaluate and then correct their game.

Here's an intro to Jay Kelly's Academy

And here we show you some great golf lessons by Jay:

Live Chipping Lesson

Live Full Swing Lesson

We will demonstrate what is possible when technology, elite coaching and a structured plan come together. The traditional "tip" culture has failed most golfers, so let's put a real and measurable strategy in place.

This is the future of game improvement and it's powered by Skillest and Hole19.

You can follow Jay on Instagram via @jaykellygolfacademy and via the Skillest app.

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