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Feel The Power - Golf Drills To Gain Extra Yards

A golfer seeking a few extra yards off the tee seems a quest almost as old as the game itself.

This week we're having a look at some golf drills that will boost the power in your golf swing and help you outdrive your buddies next time out.

Below are the golf drills we think will help out most:

Peter Finch has a great golfing set-up (he's a PGA Golf instructor after all) and he's got some quality address position stability advice for us:

Next up, the boys at MeAndMyGolf have three great golf drills to help you unlock the power in your swing and really get through your golf ball:

Are you losing power off the tee and scratching around looking for the reason? You might be swinging too hard. This tip is from Tiger Woods' former golf coach, Butch Harmon:

Rick Shiels has a very interesting (and extremely important) 'power lag' tip which looks at the technical aspect of power in the golf swing:

For more power you may need to lengthen your backswing. It might seem a little obvious, but sometimes the best golf tips point out just that. Here's Denis Pugh (PGA Master Professional) to explain more:

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