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How to practice at the driving range

It's not always possible to get out on the course for a practice round; with all the best intentions in the world, life usually conspires against us when it comes to practice time.

It's important to make what practice you can fit in, even if it's off the mats at the driving range, as effective as it can be.

Here are some drills we've been using to improve the way we practice our golf at the driving range:

Here's a bit of an intro on how to plan your practice at the driving range (part 1 & 2) and making the time count

More balls doesn't mean better practice, here's how to split your basket of balls for better practice

Need some help on creating driving range practice routine?

Looking for some practice drills to try out during your next session? Check out these chipping drills and driving drills to get you started.


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