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Feel the rhythm - Golf Drills for tempo and speed control

Timing and tempo are two of the most vital components to a golf swing. It's one of those fundamentals of the sport that is among the most difficult to grasp initially and, for a lot of us, is something we'll likely battle with for as long as we play the game.

Here are a few ideas you could put into practice to help you stabilise your swing speed:

A couple of practice drills to help you slow down your backswing and get more control over your swing...

A quick and easy drill to keep your swing smooth - gradually and gracefully increasing the speed of the swing effortlessly...

Get your swing in sync and your timings nailed down for a more impactful shot with this practice tip...

Train your muscles, hear the 'whoosh'!!

Mark Crossfield shares a drill to help you better time all the different movements in a swing, for better and straighter golf shots...
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