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Bunker Tips To Escape Like The Masters

We're a little over one month until the Masters 2019 takes place upon the hallowed fairways of Augusta National and we can already feel the excitement building at Hole19 HQ.

With Hole19ers all around the globe also looking to get some much-needed practice in as they head into the new season, we thought we would put together a series of golf tips from previous Masters champions to help us all with our game while building up to the greatest golfing show on Earth.  Two birds, one stone!!

First up this week, we're focusing on dreaded sandtraps and checking in with some of the world's best (past and present) to level-up our bunker escapology.

Seve Ballesteros

If you ask a collection of golfers who the best bunker player of all time is, there's a reasonable chance you'll get a number of them throwing Seve's name firmly into the mix.

As an introduction to our list, Seve gives us one of the best explanations of how to set-up to, and execute, the basic bunker shot.  Check out this classic instructional video below...

Sir Nick Faldo

Sir Nick Faldo, a three-time Masters winner, has a very interesting technique for finding the best approach to bunker shots; copy your favourite golfers.

This was something Nick employed when he was finding his way in the game and trying to settle on his own technique when trying to escape sandtraps. If it worked for him, there's no reason it can't work for us.  

Jordan Spieth

2016 champion Jordan Spieth talks to us about his own technique and how he pulls off the lofted bunker shot pinpointing, in particular, where the weight should be positioned in different situations.

Follow Jordan's instruction and you will get out of more bunkers on a more consistent basis...

Tom Watson

As every golfer knows, one of the most troublesome shots in golf is the bunker shot from a downhill lie.  If you've faced with this fearsome foe recently and failed miserably in your attempt to find the putting surface, this tip is for you. Two-time Masters champ Tom Watson is here to help you escape unscathed next time:

Gary Player

In this video, South African legend Gary Player gives us an in-depth bunker masterclass in which he covers pretty much every eventuality you may face in a bunker.

The three-time Masters champion talks, acceleration, stance, buried lies, and much, much more besides.  Check out the video below...

We hope you've enjoyed this list of bunker tips from Masters champions from bygone years.  Let us know how your bunker game is progressing, and your prediction for 2019 Masters champion in the comments below...

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