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Golf Tips: Sharpen Your Mental Approach To The Game

With the golfing season coming to an end in many locations, now is time for many of us to be pressing reset and looking at ways to make 2019 our best year on the fairways yet!!

As well as downloading the free Hole19 golf app (obviously), one of the best ways is to sharpen your mental approach to the game.

Often, when our golf round isn't going the way we would hope, it's very easy to become entangled by self-doubt, clouded judgement and/or anger; in short, we become our own worst enemy.

So then, here's some golfing professionals to give us helpful hints and tips to retain a positive mental attitude, keep our head in the game and well placed to play the best golf we can.

Mark Crossfield: "make your decision and trust in it"

When faced with a daunting golf shot it is very easy to become concerned with technique and to think about what could go wrong.

Here, golf teaching professional Mark Crossfield advises us to make our golf shot decision early, trust in that decision and finally commit to the shot...

Luke Donald "Plant a visual image in your brain"

Former world number one Luke Donald is a fervent advocate of visualisation techniques both on and off the golf course.

He believes, as many top golfers do, that if you can see the shot you desire before addressing the ball, then you will be in better shape to get a positive outcome.

Check out Luke's thoughts below...

Phil Mickelson: "Get control of your thoughts and focus on your target"

Sometimes we are faced with a high-pressure golf shot off the tee: perhaps it's driving off the first with your buddies watching, maybe it's mid-round as you play through or possibly that drive on the final hole with a competition win hanging in the balance.

Phil Mickelson tells us how to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies by driving better in those pressure moments...

Robin Sieger: "Anger, as an emotion on the golf course, has no place"

Golf teaching professional Robin Sieger tells us (as many already know) that anger leads to a loss of control which can be crippling to the remainder of our round.

Check out the video below and get Robin's four tips to help better control your emotions the next time you hit a bad run of form on the golf course...

Michael Breed: "Set both short-term goals and long-term goals"

One of the world's leading golfing instructors Michael Breed gives us three tips to help level-up on our mental approach to the game of golf.

We should, in Michael's opinion, be setting both short-term and long-term goals to allow for targeted improvement in our golf game...

Having a strong mental game - along with regular practice - will keep us in good shape to perform to our potential and drive those scores down.

What's the weakest part of your mental game? Let us know in the comments below...

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