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Golf Tips to Help Ladies Conquer the Course

This week sees the biggest team prize in the women's game on offer as Team Europe and Team USA battle it out for the 2019 Solheim Cup.

As we all get ready to watch the best in the business go head-to-head, we've pulled together some of our favourite swing tips from female professionals to help our lady Hole19ers improve their golf game.

In fact, many of the tips are universal, so you men out there can benefit too, and we can all play better tee to green together!

First up, if you're new to the game and trying to get to grips with what can undoubtedly be one of the most challenging (and enjoyable) sports on Earth, check out these tips from LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Deb Vangellow.

For many of us, there's no better feeling than a ripped drive down the centre of the fairway. When you're standing on the tee, it takes confidence to really go after one, but you can give yourself every chance by gripping the club correctly.

Are you looking to hit quality iron shots? Silly question, right? Ladies European Tour Pro Caroline Martens has a trio of tips and first helps you develop a controlled and effective golf swing.

Every golfer knows that focusing on gaining a solid short game is a sure-fire way to improve your golf game. Caroline returns to help you hit clean, crisp chip shots.

Now that you're on the green, it's time to send that little white ball home. Some golfers like to putt while looking at the hole and Caroline is one of them. She swears by this approach - it could help you too.

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