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These Golf Tips Will Help You Smash Your Driver Longer & Straighter

We expect that pretty much every Hole19er worth their salt has found themselves, at one time or another, craving more distance off the tee.

Maybe you're failing to reach those long par-4s in regulation or lack the distance to go for shorter par-5s in two. Perhaps you're just getting a little tired of being out driven by your playing partners. No matter what your reason for seeking longer drives, we've got you covered.

Will it be as simple as just swinging harder? Is anything in golf ever that easy? Of course not. That's why we're highlighting our favourite golf tips videos to help you hit your driver longer - ideally without compromising on accuracy.

First up, before we get into how to go after longer, straighter drives off the tee, let's make sure you understand the solid fundamentals of the driver swing:

Now what not to do. You'll never achieve your true potential - either in terms of distance or accuracy - if you're making any of these three common driver swing faults:

Here's our good friend Eric Cogorno taking it a step further and providing a little more instructional 'meat on the bone' with five great driver tips for you to implement into your game:

One of the absolute keys to hitting your driver farther and more consistently lies in your ability to find the centre of the clubface. Here's the first in a trio of videos from Andy and Piers at MeAndMyGolf:

The boys at MeAndMyGolf are back again to take on the issue of weight transfer to help smash drives further - but this must be achieved while remaining behind the golf ball into impact:

And they round off our series by bringing us three key power moves to help you go ahead and hit your driver further:

Hopefully, you've found a few helpful golf tips that you can implement into your game to get you out driving your playing partners regularly.

Looking to brag a little? Tell the world your longest drive in the comments below.

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