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7 of the Best Golf Training Gadgets (and Christmas ideas) 2017

For many of us, we're now now entering that time of year where a couple of things present themselves:

  1. A lack of opportunity to play golf
  2. A need to get creative and buy gifts

It's not always easy to deal with either of these. So we thought we'd put together a list of training aids to help you stay loose and practice during your downtime, and also provide a bit of gift inspiration for the golf-lovers in your life.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

This was one of the putting gizmos we named in our top putting training aids review recently, and for good reason. We love the innovative design that simulates actual green conditions and provides feedback on how far you'd have missed the hole by (if you miss, of course.)

A great bet if you're looking to improve your lag putting or consistency.

Lamkin Training Grip

Perfect for those moments spent on the sofa - get a hold of the Lamkin Training Grip and use the spare time to get your fingers accustomed to the text-book grip it encourages.

Lamkin Training Grip

So simple and can be used pretty much anywhere.

The Orange Whip

This ones been around a while, but for really good reason. It's pretty much set the standard in tempo-training and is a wonderfully simple way to quickly improve your swing rhythm. It also doubles up as a great way to loosen your muscles prior to tee-ing off.

DST Compressor

Another swing trainer for the list, and this one has fast become popular with every Pro on tour.

The DST Compressor is going to help you deliver the perfect, club to ball connection at impact. The result - a ball flight that cuts through the air and towards your target with laser-like accuracy.

Alignment Sticks

Sure, they aren't the most glamorous or the most exciting training aid out there...but if you need to improve your alignment and you don't have a set of these in your bag, you're missing a trick.

Alignment Sticks

Brilliantly simple and effective, not to mention easy on the wallet!

Chipping Net - Rukket Pop-Up Skee-Golf Chipping Target

Another aid that needs no introduction and can do wonders for your short game. Use it in the house or outside and keep your wedge play razor sharp during the festive period.

The Rukket Pop-Up Skee-Golf Chipping Target is easy to assemble and has a number of targets you can aim for.

'The Putter Wheel'

Yet another nifty practice tool that made it onto our putting aid blog. The Putter Wheel is a great tool for winter practice and is going to help improve your putting stroke and consistency.

It's effectiveness is in it's simplicity - place the wheel on the ground, make a stroke, and observe which way the wheel veers to. The straighter the wheel rolls, the better/ 'truer' your putting stroke.


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