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Golf Travel Group on course to take over the European Golf Travel market.

Golf is perhaps unique in the sporting world in that the natural landscape in which it is played is part and parcel of the player’s experience. From the rolling hills of the Scottish highlands where golf was first incepted to the sunny beaches of the Indian Ocean and the plains of North America, no two golf courses are the same. Surely then the best way to expand your golfing horizons is to travel.

Given the claustrophobia of lockdown, it is no surprise that golf has enjoyed a surge of new players who were eager to get back to the great outdoors after being cooped up for so many months. Fortunately, Golf Travel Group are here for both new and old fans of this prestigious sport with a full complement of options to broaden your golfing horizons, improve your game and explore new
places near and far. As the great golf Champion Tom Watson stated, “No other game combines the wonder of nature with the discipline of sport in such carefully planned ways. A great golf course both frees and challenges a golfer’s mind.” For a nation battling to maintain good mental health, getting out onto the fairways is a hole-in-one solution to some of the last year’s pressures and strains.

Firmly convinced that we would all be in need of a holiday after the solitude and pressures of numerous lockdowns, Golf Travel Group (GTG) have stayed very busy over the last year. Unperturbed by the near impossibility of organising their usual holiday packages for their loyal customers, the team at GTG have used the pandemic as the perfect hiatus to reboot, restructure and rebuild a comprehensive service that is nuanced and tailored to the full spectrum of golf enthusiasts. When asked what business decisions have been taken in light of the pandemic Patrick McCaghy, Director of Golf Travel Group, answered;“We need to work even harder to support our clients in times of adversity. As well as being able to show agility as unexpected occurrences happen.”

Relaunching this June with their new brand identity, the group has put together a competitive cohort of companies that offer between them a varied and exciting range of golf holidays and experiences - from affordable getaways to bespoke luxury tours of the world’s most beautiful courses. The flagship brand, Golf Travel Centre, is an industry staple offering affordable holidays internationally specialising in group packages in Europe. Completely convinced of the restorative
qualities of 18 holes, the team at GTG want golf to be accessible to the many, not just the few.

Next in the fleet is GTG’s new brand Golf Travel Lux, a service designed to match top quality golf locations with delightful accommodation. This service is for golf enthusiasts who want to let loose on the course in style, without breaking the bank. GTG have worked tirelessly to create classy package deals that offer the very best of the great outdoors, top quality golf courses and upmarket accommodation.

In 2020, GTG took over Chaka Travel, a boutique golf holiday company with 25 years operating experience that tailors luxury golf trips to serious golf fanatics. Already the number one golf travel provider to Mauritius, Chaka Travel specialise in beautiful Indian Ocean resorts and trips focused on luxury R&R and top draw golfing - Chaka Travel is a global service acting as a caddy concierge for the world’s best golfing experience.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the new brand on Golf Travel Group’s roster: Golf Travel Tours. Truly groundbreaking in the golf travel industry, these tours bring together groups of avid golfers with PGA pro golfers - providing affordable access for customers to play golf under the tutelage of some of the best professionals in the sport. Blurring the boundaries between recreation and professional training, Golf Travel Tours offer trips to 36 countries across the globe and with 365 courses to play this is the biggest professional tour option on the market. Professional golfers include renowned golf trickshot artist David Edwards and Martin Thompson, head pro for 25 years of Parkstone Golf Club in Bournemouth.

Boasting a team with over 70 years combined experience in the golf and travel sectors, GTG have worked tirelessly to bring the golf travel industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century. This team was the first to streamline client communication in the sector by introducing Facebook Messenger as a means of direct communication and this has been expanded in the relaunch to
include Whatsapp, ensuring that customers get direct access to a dedicated team and no longer have to put up with an antiquated email process.

Despite the tumultuous nature of the past year, Golf Travel Group managed to get through the pandemic without a single complaint or bad review, helping their clients to cancel and rearrange where necessary and working tirelessly to do the best for their customers. The team is tight knit and professional, with everyone staying on board throughout the pandemic and working together to bring the brand forward into an exciting new era. Further to this, the team are looking forward to adding to their numbers by the participation of the group in the Government’s Kick Start scheme. This programme brings together companies with driven young people looking for their first start in a professional environment. Three new starters will join the team for an initial six-month placement from September bringing a fresh new perspective to an already superbly qualified group.

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