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Great Golf Tips to Troubleshoot Your Entire Golf Game

How's your golf game shaping up now that we're well underway in 2020? If you're like many of us here at Hole19 HQ, you might need a little helping hand sharpening your golf skills if you're going to post some career-best rounds.

With that in mind, to help you drive your handicap southwards we've gathered together a collection of videos from top golf coach Eric Cogorno which will help you better understand and improve every aspect of your golf game. With great tips and drills that will help you through the bag, there's a little something for everyone.

Smash Your Driver Longer

The distance you can hit the golf ball from the tee is directly linked to, among other factors, the clubhead speed you can generate in the golf swing.

Rotation in your swing is a massive influencer of clubhead speed and not just in golf but in pretty much any sport. The reality is, the more you turn your body both back and through, the more potential clubhead speed you will have. Eric discusses this in greater detail below.

Pure Your Irons

One of the biggest problems in the game of golf - particularly when it comes to us amateur golfers, is understanding where the body, hands and golf club should be at impact. If you don't know where you are supposed to be at impact or have a clear understanding of what that feels like, the odds of you getting there is pretty small.

That's the idea behind Eric's impact drills in this video. He takes you through what your impact position should look like and how to gain an awareness of - and how to practice and train in - those feels.

Dial-in Your Wedge Game

In this video, Eric focuses on the wedge shots that aren't quite the chip shots around the greens but aren't quite the full pitching wedge shot either – that zone from about 30-100 yards. The goal with these wedge shots is proximity to the hole. So, he talks in detail about the setup pieces, backswing pieces and downswing and follow through pieces for these shots that will help you save par and make more birdies.

Chip Like the Pros

Many golfers have a good understanding of how to hit the basic chip shot, but these shots become more complicated when trying to play them from different lies. In this video, Eric takes you through everything you need to know to chip from uphill and downhill lies, as well as thick rough and bare lies.

Escape Bunkers Every Time

Golf shots from the sand can strike fear into many golfers, particularly the higher handicappers amongst us.

In this video, Eric reviews the bunker basics and discusses how to use the bounce, setup, and also backswing and follow through pieces. These golf tips will get you out of the sand and onto the green in one shot every time.

Become a Putting Machine

Your goal with putting is to hit the ball in the middle of the face or close to it. Get the ball started online with good speed. That's it. This particular drill which Eric likes is a combination of all of the skills you need to do that and make more putts.

Troubleshoot Your Game - Cogorno Golf Master Classes

If you would like more in-depth assistance with your golf game, you can find more Master Classes at which can help you unlock your true golfing potential. These courses include:

Early Extension Master Class - Covers why you early extend and how you can fix it.

Rotation Master Class - Learn how to get rotation into your swing.

Distance Master Class - Gain distance with all of your clubs.

Golf Swing For Seniors Master Class - Play great golf with reduced mobility/clubhead speed.

Shallow Your Downswing Master Class - Learn to shallow your downswing like the best golfers in the world.

Slice Fix Training Program - Is a slice ruining your game? If so, this course is for you.

Premium members of get all of the individual golf courses for free with their membership.

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