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New Handicap Calculator is Here!

As the Open Championship makes a welcome return to the major calendar this week, we also have some very EXCITING news of our own - the release of our latest addition to Hole19 Premium Pro: Handicap Calculator for both iOS and Android systems! 🎉

With this new feature, you can easily calculate and receive a more accurate handicap that will give you deeper insight into your game and enable you to compete with golfers of all skill levels!

Getting started is pretty simple. Make sure you've updated to the latest version of the App if you're already a Premium Pro member - if not, you can upgrade to a Premium Pro plan of your choice.

Next step: you will need to use your saved rounds or add new scores, and we'll do the calculations for you!

How to Use Handicap Calculator

Add your best rounds

If you already saved rounds for handicap consideration before (using our previous feature Handicap Simulator for UK & Europe handicap systems), you'll be presented with a list of rounds eligible for handicap calculation. If not, you can add your existing rounds...

Select all the rounds you want to be considered for handicap, tap Update Rounds, and they will be ready for calculation.


Add Score

Fill in all the round details (Round Date, Course, Starting Tee). After doing this, the app will fill in the course rating automatically. Add the Adjusted Gross Score (18-hole rounds only) and then we'll give you the Score Differential (SD). You can use this score to calculate your handicap.


Calculate HCP

The more rounds you add (up to 20), the more accurate your handicap will be. When you're ready, tap Calculate, and, as if by magic, there's your Pro Handicap.

You can tap 'Update Profile' so that your handicap is automatically reflected under your profile, or you can tap the arrow at the top-left corner to go back.

Note: This feature calculates handicaps very closely to global indexing system rules, without taking into account PCC.

You can head over to Help Center for a more detailed explanation of the steps above.

As a reminder, Handicap Calculator is available to Hole19 Premium Pro members (worldwide) on both iOS and Android devices. You might be eligible for a FREE TRIAL or one of the active promotions, so hit the button below!

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