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High-Profile Golfing Tantrums (Angry Golfer Showcase)

In a week where sporting meltdowns have been big news, we're reminiscing over some of the most memorable golfing tantrums in recent history.

We all know that golf can play havoc with even the most level-headed golfer's emotions, and we will all have played with angry golfers (or been said angry golfer) at various points in our golfing careers.

With that said, golfing tantrums are far from exclusive to the amateur game. At almost every point of a golf season there is monumental pressure on professional golfers and, unfortunately, it does bring the worst out in some at times.

So then, we thought we'd delve into the archives to share with you some of our favourite and most unbelievable videos of golfers' meltdowns. Here's what we've come up with...

Sergio's Bunker Bedlam

To be honest, there's an almost endless supply of 'tantrums' from Sergio that could have easily made this highlight reel, but the fury with which he lets this particular bunker 'have it' is pretty spectacular.

It doesn't exactly look too clever, but many of us would be lying if we said we hadn't at least felt like this after a bad shot from the bunker (though we likely stopped short of grievously abusing it in the process).

Rory's Furious Club Toss

It would be true to say that, despite more recent impressive play, Rory McIlroy has had his frustrations over the past few years. A troublesome rib injury kept him out of action for much of 2017 and the Northern Irishman has battled swing problems too.

During the second round of the 2015 WGC Cadillac Championship, he would let his temper bubble to the surface before his golf club was duly sent for a swim.

John Daly's Trio Into Lake Michigan

Big John Daly wasn't having much luck in finding the surface of this par-3 green at the 2015 PGA Championship after losing three separate golf balls into the murky depths of Lake Michigan.

Hardly surprising then that he would, like Rory, send his iron to a watery grave.

Raging Pieters Snaps Club (Over His Neck)

Thomas Pieters is a bit of a fiery character and has been known to be a little sore on his golf clubs over the years.

At the BMW PGA Championship back in July, he was struggling to find his swing and let us all know exactly what he thought of an attempt to reach the par-5 4th hole in two. Pretty impressive strength must be required to snap a golf club around your own neck, Pieters did manage it though.

Sergio Loses His Cool (And His Shoe)

Yep that's right, it's Sergio again. Back in his rookie season the young Spaniard was that enraged by a poor tee-shot that he managed to inexplicably launch his golf shoe over into the hoarde of spectators.

Thankfully he got the shoe back... before volleying it completely off the tee-box. Unsurprisingly, this tantrum is number one in the compilation below...

Hennie Otto's Putting Fume

At times, it can be quite easy to lose your cool when your putting lets you down; trouble with the short-stick - as many of us here at Hole19 HQ know only too well - can turn an otherwise solid round into an absolute trainwreck of a scorecard.

Hennie Otto saw the red mist descend about as badly as we've ever seen from a professional golfer back in 2005 at the Nashua Masters. As golfing tantrums go, this one's a classic...

Another Golfer Behaving Like A Child (Oh, wait...)

This young kid is merely outwardly expressing how many of us golfers have felt after a bad round on the greens.

And he was still better behaved than Hennie Otto...

Can you think of any high-profile golfing tantrums that could be added to our list? Let us know below...

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