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4 Quick Vids to get you Driving the ball further

Who wouldn't want to hit the ball further off the tee. I'm sure we've all tuned into the tour and sat open mouthed as the likes of Rory, DJ and Bubba belt the ball way beyond the 300-yard mark.

These sorts of distances may be out of reach for us mere mortals, but we've got a few vids right here that could help you get a little closer and driving the ball further.

It is worth remembering the wise words "Power is nothing without control" (tyre manufacturer Pirelli said that...not quite Aristotle, but it still plays.) You won't find any 'happy-gilmore'-esque suggestions in our list:

Angle your way to an additional 60 yards

3-in-1 from Rick Shiels

Separate and isolate the hips in the swing

Nail your setup on the tee (this one will also help you keep things under control as you 'unleash the beast')

BONUS: 430-yard drive (must be seen to be believed)

430-yards...just plain excessive right? Whilst Jeff may be living the proverbial dream; monster drives and golf ball devastation does not a great round make. Knowing your game and managing the course correctly (which Hole19 Premium can help you out with) will always be a key component to a solid score.

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