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Hole More Putts With These Super Simple Golf Tips

It's amazing how often we amateur golfers fail to work on our putting stroke, particularly when you consider that we use the putter - on average - for around 40% of our shots.

If you've been having a hard time on the greens recently, check out this great collection of drills to help you make more putts and shoot lower scores.

Your Set-up is Crucial

It all starts with a solid set-up, and the boys from MeAndMyGolf help you keep everything very neutral as you stand over the golf ball, allowing you to build a solid base for a reliable, repeatable putting stroke.

Nail Those Knee-Knockers

Those putts of around 3-4 feet are the ones we feel we should be making every time, but you'll be missing more than you would like without regular practice.

Below Chris Ryan reminds you to 1: choose your speed before your line, 2: take time to aim the putt, and 3: keep your head still until after the strike.

Putting Speed Control: Size Matters

When it comes to putts of greater length, the speed and tempo of your putting stroke are paramount. In the video below, as well as discussing speed and tempo, we find that the length of the backstroke in comparison to the through-stroke should be a 1:1 ratio.

Stop Pulling Your Putts Left

Missing putts to either side of the hole is pretty annoying, but below top golf coach Joe Hallett explains that pulling putts left can be caused by having your shoulders misaligned or the clubhead passing the handle into impact.

To straighten the shoulders, put the putter in your lead hand first. Also, a little forward press before you start your stroke will stop the clubhead from passing the handle.

Stop Pushing Your Putts Right

You could be pushing putts to the right because the ball is too far back in your stance, or possibly even you're setting your feet before you have aligned your putter face.

Check out the video below to learn more.

Never Miss From 3ft

If you want to become infallible (or pretty close) from 3 feet and in, there's no substitute for hard graft on the practice green. Phil Mickelson has a fantastic go-to drill to help you banish your putting yips and nail every short putt.


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