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Hole19 2.0 on iOS has landed

This past Thursday, the newest version of Hole19 dropped on the App Store. It's got a bunch of mini-improvements (animations, design tweaks, battery life efficiencies), but the ones golfers are most excited about are:

(1) The Hole19 Widget


Some golfers have told us that unlocking iPhone with their 4-digit passcode for each shot was, well, less than great. Problem solved. Just swipe down! Distances to the front, middle, and back of the green are right there in the widget. That means quicker decisions for you, and faster pace of play overall. We've got your back.


(2) Health App Integration


So for those that don't know, Apple's iOS8 has a new built-in app called Health. It can track all sorts of personal health-related things like steps, nutrition, and sleep. We've integrated Hole19 with the Health App, so after your round, you see your total steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and weight lost. We all know golf is healthy. Health App integration helps quantify that healthiness for you.

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