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There are many pitfalls that await us golfers out on the course. After all, golf was never meant to be easy. Some of these are beyond our control, but in many other instances, help is right at your fingertips.

To help you safely navigate your next round and start to shoot lower scores, you NEED Hole19.

And here's why!

Your Hole19 app's accurate yardages help you reach for your next club with confidence. And while we can't guarantee the golfing gods will always be on your side, you'll hit the perfect shot more often.

Whoever first said "trees are 90% air" was either a) not a golfer or b) trying to wreck his buddy's round.

Hole19's advice: Best approach to escape the trees? Avoid hitting your ball there in the first place!!

Record your rounds through Hole19’s intuitive scoring system, and you'll learn more about your game - like perhaps you should avoid bunkers AT ALL COSTS.

Now you can use your Hole19 app's on-course functionality to better plan your club choice and dodge the sand - a perfect way to keep double bogeys at bay.

No mistakes sting more than avoidable mistakes. With your Hole19 app you have the power at your fingertips to avoid feeding the fish thanks to our accurate GPS yardages and the ability to pinpoint key hazards.


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