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Hole19 Available on the CASIO Pro Trek

Hole19 Apple iWatch Update
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The Android Wear 2.0 Hole19 Golf App is now available to download one the CASIO Pro Trek SmartWatch.

Casio is renowned for producing tough, durable and long-lasting pieces of tech; golf may not be the most physical of sports, but if your gear isn't up to the task, regular use can really take its toll.

Hole19 Apple iWatch Update

What you can expect from the Casio Pro Trek 'Outdoor Smartwatch'...

  1. Durability and Reliability - The Pro Trek is built to last, it's been built to US Department of Defense environmental durability standards!
    Needless to say, it can take the knocks and rattles that golf dishes out. Plus, with its 50m water resistance you can fish your ball out of water hazards without worry (unless you've really disappeared into 'the drink'.)

  2. Full Colour Display - See things clearly even in low-light with the Pro Trek's full colour, touchscreen.

  3. Built-in GPS and Offline Maps - This makes it the perfect partner for our standalone Hole19 App. With its built-in GPS, once you've downloaded your golf courses map to the watch you don't need your mobile phone.

You can find out more about the ProTrek on the Casio website.

Ready to get started with Hole19 on the CASIO Pro Trek SmartWatch?

Hole19 Apple iWatch Update

We'll have more CASIO related announcements coming soon, so watch this space!

Check out the Casio ProTrek right here:


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