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Introducing Hole19 'Course Collections'

Ever found yourself in the situation where you know you want to play, but you just can't quite figure out where?

Perhaps your usual haunts have lost their appeal, or maybe you just want to test yourself against a different kind of challenge.

Our new 'Course Collections' can help you find what you're looking for. You can get to the collections by browsing the 'Suggested' menu on the Course Discovery screen.

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You may need to update your app to the most up to date version to see the Course Collections...

(open this blog on your phone and tap the 'Update Now' button below.)

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Here are some of the lists that you might expect to find under your 'Suggested' courses (you'll need to have your GPS active to see them):

Best Deals

We may have some tee time deals on courses in your area. If there are savings to be made, you'll be able to find them right here in the 'Best Deals' collection.

Tee Times Available

Need to book a round as quick as you can? The 'Tee Times Available' collection will show you courses with tee time availability right now.

Hole19 Course Collections - Quickest To Play & Tee Times Available

Quickest To Play

If you're pressed for time but hoping to squeeze in a quick round, this is the collection for you. Here you'll find a list of courses in your area that'll give you the shortest round time.

Challenging Courses

Looking to test your game against something with a little more bite than your usual stomping ground? The 'Challenging Courses' collection is tailored to your skill level and will show you courses nearby that will challenge you.

Hole19 Course Collections - Longest & Challenging Courses

Longest Courses

If you want to play somewhere that's going to require some bigger hitting, check out this collection. You'll find a selection of courses close by that are going to need you to hit big and hit well.

Shortest Courses

Want to play a round but no keen on having to walk too far? Our 'Shortest Courses' collection will help you find somewhere to play that isn't going to have you trekking too far.

Hole19 Course Collections - Shortest & Most Popular Courses

Most Popular Courses

Discover the courses in your area that are the most popular among the Hole19 golfer community and use this collection to help you decide the best spot for your next round.

9-hole Courses

Planning a quick practice round? Or perhaps you're a bit short of time? Browse this course collection and find the perfect 9-hole course nearby to squeeze in some game time.

Switch on your app (be sure you've updated to the most recent version) and take a look through the Suggested section at your Course Collections.

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