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Hole19 Golf GPS for Smartwatch UPDATE

Our GPS for Smartwatch app is slightly different to our 'original' Hole19's a bit more independent, in that it doesn't need a mobile phone to work.

You can download your courses direct to the Android Wear 2.0 device for an uninhibited, phone-less golfing experience. Well, we've taken that experience to the next level.

We're pleased to announce that as of now if you're using the GPS for Smartwatch app on the course, you'll no longer need to change holes during your round...The app will automatically change holes for you!

All you have to do is walk from the green to the next tee and you're good to go. Enjoy!!

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We've developed Hole19 Golf GPS for Smartwatch exclusively for Android Wear 2.0.

Hole19 Apple iWatch Update

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