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After some months of testing and polishing the web beta version of our live-scoring solution, we’re proud to announce that HOLE19-LIVE is finally available for both iOS and Android apps!
We’re more than thankful to all golfers that used the Beta version and provided great feedback!

You can now compete with your friends by creating live leaderboards within the Hole19 app. Simply set the date, choose the venue, the tees, the scoring mode, and voilà!


Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the social element of the game at all. In fact, this feature will bring you closer to other golfers, while adding more fun to your rounds and keeping you safe. Best of all, Hole19-LIVE is totally FREE, so get ready to create your first live leaderboard and invite your friends!


  1. Go to the ‘More’ section of your Hole19 app and tap ‘Leaderboards’.
  2. Create a new leaderboard by giving it a name, and then:

a) Set the day the round will be played;

b) Pick the course you and your friends will tee off on;

c) Check the correct tee-boxes to be used (e.g. Men’s and Ladies’ tees)

d) Choose the scoring format (Stableford or Stroke Play)

3. Once the leaderboard has been created, you will get an “invite” link that you should share with your friends via Whatsapp, iMessage or Email for them to join.


  1. Whether you’re inviting friends to join, or you’ve been invited, all participants need to be registered on Hole19.
  2. Click the invite link and then tap the green “Join” button.
  3. On the day of the round, everyone simply needs to play with their own version of the Hole19 app. Make sure everyone selects the correct tee-box and has their handicap updated for correct leaderboard calculations.


Once you have started playing, you will see a new trophy icon on the flyover screen, that’s the Live Leaderboard. Click the icon and you will be able to see everyone’s scores in real time.

💡Share the link with any friends who can't take part and they can follow the leaderboard progress in real-time on any device.

When you’re finished, you can check the final scores on the Leaderboards section.

We hope you enjoy your rounds with this new feature, make sure to share the news with your friends! And don't forget to give us your feedback so we can continue to improve and offer you a high-quality Golf GPS app! 💪


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