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Hole19 Nations Cup

Final results

Hole19 Nations Cup

*New Zealand and South Korea were disqualified on the final day of the competition as they didn't achieve the minimum number of rounds required for each day of the competition (100).

Compete against other nations and win great prizes for your country!

2018 is coming to a close but competitive spirit remains strong for many of us! With that in mind, and to help harness all this boundless golfing energy, Hole19 is bringing you the Hole19 Nations Cup, a weekend competition where you can represent your country by playing with your Hole19 App!

Date: Friday, December 7th to Sunday, December 9th, 2018 (Your Local Time Zone).

The winning country will get a 50% discount on Hole19 Premium. That's right, if your country wins, you'll get a massive discount on any subscription plan made through the Hole19 Website!

Additionally, there will be prizes for the 3 top contributors to the top 3 countries' score. Play more, play better and get the chance to win golf balls, training aids and more...

Hole19 Nations Cup

Here's how it will work:

1. From December 7th to 9th, play your golf rounds with your Hole19 App, using Simple or Advanced Input.
2. Each round you play will contribute to your country regardless of where you are located (e.g. if you're visiting Spain and you're from Argentina, you will be helping your home country).
3. The country that gets to the first place in the leaderboard will be the Nations Cup Champion. You will be able to check the leaderboard on this post.
4. The more you contribute to your country's score, the more chances you will have to win a prize.

So, by playing your best you can help your country climb the leaderboard. If you and your fellow golfers lead your country to the victory, each of you will benefit from the special prizes listed above and the top 3 contributors will get special gifts!

Do you think your nation has what it takes to win the Hole19 Nations Cup? Take your Hole19 App each time you visit the golf course and join the competition!

Your country needs you!

Terms & Conditions

1. All complete rounds will count towards classifications.
2. Classifications will be shown as an average score to par and grouped by country (so, each time you play, you will be helping your country).
3. Only countries that have a minimum of 100 rounds played on each day will count towards the leaderboard.
4. Only Simple or Advanced input rounds will count. Rounds' total duration per hole must be from 7 to 25 minutes and each hole must have score input.
5. All golfers are required to fill their nationalities in their profiles.
6. Final results will be announced on December 13th, 2018.
7. The 50% premium discount will be available exclusively for the winning nation, from January 1st to 15th, 2019 and only on the Hole19 Website.
8. The individual contribution will be measured by the player's score and the number of rounds played.


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