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Hole19 Premium Vouchers

Hole19 Premium Vouchers

Many times we’ve been asked to come up with a gift solution to present our golfers, not only for Christmas but for any other special occasion. GOOD NEWS! You can now buy a Premium Gift Voucher, customise it with a personal message and have it sent directly to the golfer you choose or to you, so you can print it and deliver in hand!

This is how the voucher will look like, you can change the phrase at your taste and replace the Christmas tree for any other appropriate image (just let us know what’s the occasion):

Premium Voucher Example

With this voucher you’ll be empowering someone’s golf performance giving them access to top features like Handicap Simulator, Premium Maps, Auto-Change Hole, Distance Tracker, Full Input unlocked for smartwatches (Wear OS and Apple Watch), ability to track playing partners’ scores on the wrist (Wear OS only), Notes, Advanced Statistics, Club Statistics, Highlights, Matchplay mode, Club Recommendations (iOS only), Augmented Reality (iOS only) and other amazing features!

And... Ho! Ho! Ho!.. you will not want to miss this opportunity!!! In partnership with the Skillest App and for a limited time, our Premium golfers will have the chance to access some of the best online golf classes ever worth US$200. Just like that!

Look no further, this is the perfect choice for any golfer!

Premium Features List

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