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Hole19 and the Addictive Pleasure of Pure

As golfers, we all know the feeling of being stuck in the midst of a lousy round where nothing seems to go our way. Put simply, it sucks.

But then... like a magnificent golfing bolt from the blue... it happens. You hit a golf shot so addictively pure that it wouldn't look out of place on the Golf Channel.

It's crisp, smooth, hits the target - in short, you executed it exactly the way you had pictured it in your mind. And just like that... you fall in love with the game all over again.

The pleasure of pure

Watching your golf ball explode off the sweetspot of your golf club is a beautiful sight. It may have been a while since you last flushed anything as well, so it's only fair that you revel in the moment a little, before reality inevitably bites back.

When you've soaked in all the praise from your playing partners, you strut towards the ball ahead with your adrenaline levels still soaring. If your buddies missed it, they're getting the lowdown - possibly more than once over the remainder of the round.

Such a pure feeling is the well-struck golf shot - Roy McAvoy, Tin Cup

You might be feeling lost in a round of energy-sapping struggle, but this will be the veritable 'shot that keeps you coming back'... the one you remember most vividly at home on the couch as your mind wanders from the TV's offerings and back to your round.

The emotion you felt is hard to explain to any non-golfers at home (not that they want to hear anyway) so you don't bother, but you can feel that emotion - whatever it is - in your very soul. The surge of pleasure when striking one so pure is simply addictive.

A large portion of that addiction, of course, comes from the feeling of the shot itself; the remainder lies in the tantalising future promise of similar shots to come.

Now, each time you stand over any golf ball you'll yearn for the same buttery smooth feeling, and this - more than anything else - will keep you utterly absorbed in, and relentlessly dedicated to, this wonderful game.

The unfortunate truth

No matter how many fats or thins, slices or hooks you might hit along the way, that same promise of another stunning strike feeds your drive and determination to improve your game.

When you know you can hit THAT shot, you will spend hours on the range and on the golf course trying to shorten the periods of indifferent golf in between. There's no doubt about it: you've caught the golfing bug!

Alas, we all know the unfortunate truth for most golfers: we're each only ever on our A-game for two or three rounds a year max. What's more, within most of our rounds, we might only hit two or three truly excellent shots.

With those sorts of odds stacked against you, imagine the unthinkable (yet, unnervingly familiar): you flush your approach shot right out of the screws only to find - to your horror - it was the wrong club!

Ugh! 😖

As you watch the golf ball shoot over the back of the green into a whole heap of trouble, you look skywards... GIVE ME A BREAK!

Now, imagine an alternative scenario: you hit that same amazing golf shot, but this time with the correct club. You revel in the euphoric satisfaction of watching the ball rocket off the clubface, before immediately realising you also had the perfect yardage.

'Be the one!', you cry out. Heck, you might even throw in a club twirl!

Well, my golfing friend, the picture we paint need not be a fantasy that lives solely in your mind. The key to making better club choices on the golf course - and more frequent emotions of pleasure and confidence - lies right at your fingertips.

Your Hole19 App Has Your Back

The Hole19 GPS & Scoring App makes sure you know your exact yardages and stops you from wasting precious shots on the golf course.

With accurate GPS yardages to the front, middle and back of every green you'll never be left guessing, and you'll reach for that next golf club with confidence.

I love this app. It’s so easy and simple to use. It’s definitely helped me lower my handicap because I now generally choose the right club as I know the distance - Hole19 user.

You can also see a complete overview of the hole and gain a better view of key hazards up ahead.

The Takeaway

By using your Hole19 App on the golf course you'll enjoy faster rounds whether playing alone or golfing with your buddies, and, more importantly, when those beautifully struck golf shots do appear, you'll be lasered in on your target after making the perfect club selection.


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