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Hole19 Tour ‘19: Our Monthly Golfing Celebration

Hole19 Tour 19

This is our year, golfers! And we have so much to celebrate!

Undoubtedly, 2019 promises to be a great year not only for golf in general but also for Hole19, as the number nineteen represents so much for us. We started a few years ago as a very small Portuguese company and we've been growing up since then, aiming from the beginning to assist golfers on their quest for golf improvement: before, during and after their rounds. Being with you once your game is finished makes us indeed the 19th hole!

To thank all of you, our community of golfers that have been supporting us all along, we have prepared the Hole19 Tour ‘19, where we’ll be showcasing one of our features at a time while rewarding you all year long.  See below to find out more...

On the 19th, Everybody Gets Access to Premium

Open Day

Yes, that’s right! Starting January 19th and on the 19th of each month of 2019 thereafter, we’ll have an open day where all Hole19ers will have access to all Premium features! We would like everyone to play on the 19th with the Hole19 App, so mark your calendar and get your clubs ready for that day!

Play golf and win monthly subscriptions

As well as having Hole19 Premium available for everyone, by playing at least one round on the 19th of each month, you will be in with the chance of winning one of the nineteen 1-month Premium subscriptions given at random each month, or the ultimate final prize, which we will be giving away at the end of the year.

Playing on the 19th will give you 1 point per round, so make sure you play every month to get more chances to win at the end of the year.

Additionally, every once in a while we’ll be giving you surprise challenges, which can increase your chances of winning one of the final prizes, by giving you 5 points each. But be aware, not all months will include a challenge, so you have to pay attention!

Ready for the first stop?

January 19th

Get Started with Distance Tracker

Hole19 Tour 19

This first month we’ll be focusing on our highly praised Distance Tracker, a Premium feature that makes it easy to find out exactly how far you hit the golf ball. Take advantage of the Hole19 Tour ‘19 and play the round of that day tracking your shots!

To win one of the nineteen 1-month subscriptions:
- Play a round on January 19th, 2019

Don't forget to try out the Distance Tracker and know your distances come rain or shine... or snow if you are adventurous enough to play some winter golf! (We are aware that some of you can't play right now as some countries are covered in snow, but not to worry, there will be many opportunities for you throughout the whole year).

Want to know more about this awesome premium feature? Read more here and find out how useful can it be on the golf course.

Share your golf story with us using the hashtag #hole19tour19!

February 19th

Share Your Love For Golf

We knew you were curious... come back in a couple of days to see more details! ;)



Terms & Conditions

Monthly Prizes

1. Each month of 2019, we will select 19 random golfers that have played at least one valid round on the 19th or completed a challenge. These golfers will win a Premium subscription that will be valid only for 1-month, via the Hole19 Website:
a) Every 1-month subscription includes a 7-day free trial, if the member has never had a trial before.
b) Each winner will be given a unique promo code that must be redeemed on the Hole19 Website.
c) If the winners are already Premium on web members, 1 month will be added to their current subscription.
d) If the winners are already Premium members that subscribed through the App Store or Google Play, they will access their 1-month offer once the current subscription is finished, this includes Premium Lite subscribers. Click here to learn how to change between subscription platforms.
e) One single member cannot win the monthly prize more than once (to make it fair to the other Hole19ers).

Final Prizes

2. There will be 19 final prizes at the end of the year, which includes:
a) 19 Hole19 Premium subscriptions valid for 1 year (via the Hole19 Website, same conditions as with the 1-month subscriptions).
b) 3 Grand Prizes yet to be revealed.

Valid rounds

3. Only real rounds will be eligible for the premium subscription giveaways and final prizes. All rounds will be validated by Hole19 before selecting the winners. A round is considered valid when:
a) The round is played on Stableford, Strokeplay, Match Play or No Scoring modes.
b) The total duration for 9 holes stands between 1h05m and 3h45m. For 18 holes, the duration must be between 2h06m and 7h30m.
c) The GPS matches the golf course location where the round is played.
d) Hole19 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any round that tampers with the entry process.

Points Attribution

4. All members can accumulate points on the 19th of each month to get more chances to win the final prize:
a) 1 point per round,
b) 5 points per completed challenge.

5. From March onwards, as members begin to accumulate more points, we will be sharing the Top 19 that will be competing for the Final Prizes.