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Hole19 Widget for iOS is back and improved!

Remember when you were able to start a round on your iPhone without having to open the Hole19 App? It truly worked like magic: simply and effectively.

Well, we want to bring back this magic trick to you, so we're launching a new update for iOS on Thursday November 17th, adding just a few sparkles of innovation.

Check out the improvements we've prepared for you:

Before you play your next round of Golf

Simply tap Courses to search & discover new fairways to play at, check the course leaderboard and book a tee time by calling the course from the App:

**Helping you when you're out there on course**

Start a round, view distances or access a shortcut to record your scores without unlocking your iPhone. Plus, if you happen to have Hole19 Premium then you'll have access to your personal notes hole-by-hole too. Awesome, right?

Making life easier for your when you're not on course

Challenging your buddy for a 9 hole round during lunch break, commenting on your round results or sharing the latest of your golfing world has also become easier with this new version of the Hole19 Widget. Now, posting on Hole19 is only one tap away!

Looking forward to have the Hole19 Widget on your device? Download the latest version of Hole19 for iOS now!

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