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#Hole19DreamTeam: the most international golf team in the world

Here’s a simple one. You like golf (you must do otherwise you won’t be reading this), you want meet other golf brothers and sisters, and you also want to improve your game (2016 WILL be the year you hit that hole in one you’ve been fantasizing about since you first picked up your clubs). Then we’re delighted to bring to you the #Hole19DreamTeam.

Think Marvel’s Avengers, but for golf. Our team doesn’t have superpowers, they can’t fly and they don’t fight baddies who want to take over the world. However, they have other skills. They are golfers that love Hole19 (who doesn’t?!?) and are on a mission to help you. Our #Hole19DreamTeam will be the eyes, ears and players on the course in their respective countries. They’ll be at the cutting edge of what we’re doing so we can perfect it before it comes to you. But, above all else, they love golf and know the nuances of their own regions.

Our #Hole19DreamTeam is 53 strong consisting of players from Australia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Mexico and Argentina. The most international golf team in the world - but just to prove our point, we’ve included our team below!

So, if you have a question and are looking for some expert ‘know how’ and help - get in touch through the Hole19 app. Once in it, you’ll have direct access to our entire #DreamTeam at the end of your fingertips. What’s the best course in your area? How can I improve my approach play? What’s the best driver for me? Where should I book our annual lads golf holiday? Whatever the question, they can help. Find them and follow them at #hole19DreamTeam.

And, for those of you out there that are interested in joining the team, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


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