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How Premium Pro Changed My Game: A Story by Richard Hohenthaner

When I downloaded the Hole19 app, I was looking to take a more serious step towards improving my golf game. Previous choices with golf apps left me without the tangible tools I was seeking. Having spent 28 years in coaching, I know how important feedback is, both instantly and over time. Hole19 offers this feedback.

In the beginning, I was looking to make improved club choices. The detailed and accurate GPS yardages on the Hole19 app helped me better gauge distances and fairway obstacles such as bunkers, water and trees.

After a few rounds using this feature, I realized the simplest improvement: fewer lost balls! But I felt there was more to discover.

Quickly I learned I needed to track my clubs and measure distance. With Premium Pro, I could track my shots. This became handy in determining what each club could give me in distance and accuracy. Sure, the driving range has colored signposts to approximate your distance, but nothing beats real live instant feedback.

With every course laid out differently - and I play multiple courses - this is a huge assist from my silent caddy.

I have played over 150 rounds using the Hole19 app, with Digital Scorecards and Notes at my disposal. Before I tee off, if I need to, I can go back to my previous rounds to help refresh my mind on how I approached and attacked the course.

Written scorecards from previous rounds don't allow you that information. Plus, who brings their previous scorecards to the golf course? Only those who stuff them in their golf bag.

With those rounds of golf recorded, I have been able to calculate a much more accurate handicap than I previously could. My initial handicap came in at 19.1. I never previously knew what it was, but now I had a base to learn from. With that information, I could gauge a good round from one that simply felt good.

My trends began to send my scores from mid-90s to mid-80s over the past year. Scoring better, more consistent results, confidence in my clubs can all be attributed to Premium Pro.

The over time feedback (analytics) is what I consider the best benefit of paying for Premium Pro. What if you had all the analytics of your game at your fingertips? Drive accuracy, GIR, putt per round, score average per hole, recovery performance. These are round to round analytics. Monthly performance reports give you your trends; this is the biggest BENEFIT I have noticed with Premium Pro.

I found the areas of my game that needed attention and practice. My trends began to send my scores from mid-90s to mid-80s over the past year. Scoring better, posting more consistent results and having more confidence in my clubs can all be attributed to Premium Pro.

In the first week of October, I recalculated my handicap after my last 50 rounds. Using all the tools and data at my disposal with Premium Pro: analytics, club accuracy, putting per hole, previous scorecards, and monthly performance reports, I took a stroke off my handicap! It now sits at 18, and my goal over the next 50 rounds is to continue this trend.

Thank you, Premium Pro, for making my game more competitive, enjoyable and productive.

Richard Hohenthaner,

Florida, USA

Richard's journey with Hole19 Premium Pro has transformed his golf game, and it can do the same for you. Unlock your full potential by upgrading to Premium Pro and experience the benefits of detailed statistics, handicap calculator, watch maps, and more.


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