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5 Vids to help you control your ball flight from tee to green

Looking to exert a little more control over the flight of your golf ball? Aren't we all!?

We've got a few vids here that are going to help you understand how you can draw the ball and how to put a purposeful fade on it too.

We've been trying a few of these drills ourselves so we can vouch for them!

Looking for a quick beginners guide? This is a simple but great 'general intro' from Peter Finch to fading or drawing the ball

Drawing the ball can add distance. Here, Peter Finch takes us through 3 drills to help you draw the ball with a driver

Need to fade the ball with your driver? Here's how you can keep it under control

Need help getting draw on your irons? Check this out

And here are some tips on fading the ball with your irons (whilst avoiding a score-ruining slice)


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