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How to hit long irons - 6 Vids to Unleash Your Long Irons

Long irons. For some here at Hole19 the very mention of them is enough to put them into a catatonic state.

They're tough to control and even harder to master, but if you can tame them and get them working for then you're in with a real chance of hitting some low scores.

Want to find out how to hit long irons straighter, further and more consistently? Here are some vids Hole19 golfers have found pretty useful:

Strike it right

Stay down, hit further

Is your ball flight too low? This could help

Hitting them high and weak? It could be your backswing

Pure it like Pete

"Release" the body through the swing

Long irons aren't for everyone. Many golfers struggle to generate power whilst maintaining control of their shot, that's why some are turning to hybrid clubs as a solution.

Thinking about using a hybrid? Give this a watch

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