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Golf Tips: How To Play The Hardest Shots In Golf

We've been having a chat around Hole19 HQ and discussing the golf shots which give us each the most trouble.

Regardless of your skill level, the following golf shots will have disturbed you at some point in your golfing career. So then, what's the correct way to play some of the hardest shots in golf and how can we ensure that we employ the correct technique next time out?

Get ready to face your golfing fears by taking a look at each of these instructional golfing tips videos and the next time you're unlucky enough to encounter them, you'll be in good shape to escape relatively unscathed.

Here's what we've come up with...

The First Tee Shot

Very few people enjoy the feeling of their first tee shot and, no matter your skill level, when you're standing on that tee-box there will likely be a few butterflies - and, at times, a whole host of them.

Here, six-time major winner Sir Nick Faldo discusses how to conquer those first tee nerves through visualisation and a positive mental attitude...

Long Bunker Shot

Many shots from the sand have a high tariff - especially for those of us with higher handicaps - and as the yardage gets higher, so does the chance of a less than favourable outcome.

Check out this video from former world number one Luke Donald - he gives us his pearls of wisdom to help us escape proficiently next time out...

Short Pitch From Thick Rough

There's a reasonably high chance of making a mess of a short pitch shot from thick, sticky rough if your technique isn't on point.

PGA professional Chris Ryan goes through the set-up you will need to get the best results from what can be one of the nastiest shots in golf...

Downhill Lie In The Bunker

If you spot your ball annoyingly heading for the bunker you'll be hoping that it comes to rest in the flat or, possibly, slightly on the upslope. No golfer wants to be faced with a downhill lie in the sandtrap but, for the sake of this particular tip, let's assume that's exactly where you've ended up.

Tom Watson discusses the technique required to exit from this treacherous position at the first attempt...

Ball Below Your Feet

Of all the golf shots from uneven lies, playing a golf ball from below your feet is possibly one of the hardest to execute correctly.

Chris Ryan's back again with a very helpful video that helps each of us understand the mechanics of this shot and challenging the generally-accepted ball flight idea along the way...

Knee-knocker Short Putt

You've only a few feet left to close out your hole and your playing partner hasn't taken the pressure off and called a 'gimme'. These short putts can make or break a good round and it can be very easy to take them for granted and miss them out in our practice schedule.

Gary Player thinks it all comes down to confidence and gives us a tip in the video below to help read these short putts a little better...

For another simple, yet effective golden nugget of information, here's Butch Harmon's take on these little blighters...

3-Wood Off The Deck

If you're in a confident state with your golf game, it's possible that nailing this particular golf shot is well within your capabilities.

If you second-guessing your swing then Rick Shiels is here to give us some tips for what he considers to be one of the hardest golf shots to master - a crisp 3-wood from the fairway.

Are there other shots that you really struggle with? Let us know below...

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