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3 Ways to use Advanced Input to Change your Game

A little while back, we added Advanced Input to our Android app version (it's been on iOS for a while now) and we've had great feedback so far.

We've had a few Hole19'ers reach out to us to ask just what the deal is with Advanced Input and just how it can help them.

Here are 3 ways you can improve your golf with Hole19's Advanced Input.

  1. Setup your bag for success
You can customise your bag in the 'More' section of the Hole19 app. Here's how we would do it: Next time you're on the range, take Hole19 with you. Aim to hit 3 to 5 good, full shots with each club in your bag (you can leave the putter out of this.) Take the avg distance for each and input that into the 'My Bag' section.

Now your app is loaded with accurate and relevant distances for you. Which leads to our next point...

  1. Get consistency in your club selection
Great players are (unsurprisingly) great at picking the right club. But for us mere mortals it can often prove a challenge. With Advanced Input's 'Club Suggestion' feature, we'll take your personal club distances and use these to suggest which club you should use for your next shot.
  1. Use Advanced Stats to understand your performance, club by club (ONLY AVAILABLE ON HOLE19 PREMIUM)

Possibly the most game influencing feature that Advanced Input introduces is the shot by shot tracking; giving you the power to track every shot played from every club.

Understand the clubs you are relying on the most and the ones that cause you the most headaches. Take this knowledge and use it to shape your practice sessions and manage your game out on the course.

Do you have a better fairway percentage with your 3-iron than your 3 wood? Perhaps worth clubbing down for that critical tee-shot.

Get this stat-power and more with Hole19 Premium for just over $1 a week. Not a bad investment in your game.

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