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Improve your Ball Striking with your Irons - 5 videos

Strike whilst the irons hot, or so goes the saying.

But what if, like us, the irons in question are rarely hot? In fact what if, most of the time, they're just downright lukewarm!?

Thankfully, we've found a few videos that have helped us to improve our ball striking and heat up those cold sticks a bit. If you're interested in improving your iron striking and club impact off the ground, check these out:

Rick Shiels talks about finding your center and maintaining it through an iron swing...

The guys at Meandmygolf talk about how to improve your ball contact by hitting ball then turf...

Another one from the Meandmygolf lads; here's how two tees can help you hit down on the golf ball and get that penetrating flight path...

Get the club to release after the golf ball, get your divot in front of the line and improve your compression of the ball...

2 minutes, two practice sticks and a plank of wood - all you need to help you strike the ball better at impact...

Taylor Moore, one of golf's rising stars, recently sent us a video on his favourite ball striking drills.

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