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Indoor Golf Drills and Tips to Improve Your Game

In many parts of the world at this time of the year, opportunities to play golf and/or work on your game can become limited. With that said, the shorter days and the unsettled weather shouldn't neccessarily spell disaster for your game-improvement.

The avid golfer will still find time to practice at home and generally improve their overall golf IQ. Below we've listed a few go-to drills and tips to help improve your golf game when indoors.


So, first up, here are a few of our favourite drills that you could be trying when you have a few spare moments at home.

Back at the start of lockdown last year, golf coach Danny Maude put together an indoor golf training regime that allows any golfer to work on their putting, chipping, iron play and the general feel of their golf swing.

Michael Breed, 2012 Golf Teacher of the Year, is next up with a couple of drills to both help with your chipping technique and to find the correct swing plane.

The one-handed chipping drill helps you get an idea of how your lead hand works quietly through the strike, while he also helps you understand the swing checkpoints to ensure you're working the club back on the correct plane.


To get the most from your golf game and ensure you minimise the chance of a niggling injury that keeps you off the golf course, you need to work on your golf fitness.

Away from injury prevention, there are real gains to be made from improving your flexibility. The guys from MeAndMyGolf are put through an extensive golf workout below and explain the correlation between increased flexibility and improved golf performance.


Very rarely do we golf fans need much more of an excuse to watch golf on TV, but it can be overlooked just how much you can pick up from watching the world's best.

Checking out pre-shot routines, swing tempo and the more technical aspects of pro golfers' swings can provide a few golden nuggets of information that could take your game to the next level.


There are many instructional and/or golf psychology books on the market which, if you can dedicate the time to reading them, will only help your golf game.

From Bob Rotella's books on the mental game to Ben Hogan's 'The Five Fundamentals of Golf', there are many titles out there that will raise your golfing intelligence and, consequently, help lower your scores.


There are many products on the market you can use to help work on your golf swing when the weather keeps you off the golf course.

You can work on your short game by chipping indoor golf balls into nets, using a training band to help with your golf swing connection, or maybe even using a putting mat to work on improving your play with the short stick.

Money no object? Perhaps you could invest in an expensive launch monitor and set up your own indoor golfing nirvana. Just remember to invite us all around if you do! 😉


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