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January over: we’re one month closer to Summer!

Hands-up, who out there has had the winter blues? If, like us, you have been longingly looking at your clubs gathering dust in the corner of your house, fear not. Those heady days of sun drenched fairways and balls sailing to the green in plain sight are now one month closer. But, as any hardened golfer knows, the sport doesn’t stop for some horrible weather. It’s in the blood and you don’t have to be playing to know that little moments of golfing greatness are happening all over the place.

So, we’ve picked our top five golfing moments that have taken place in January. For many reasons, they all made us smile and reminded us that golf truly is the greatest sport in the world.

Our countdown for January would not be complete without reference to the great Jack Nicklaus. The Godfather of golf turned 90 this month. The internet was awash with tributes with #happybirthdayjack trending on Twitter. But, for all the vines, videos and tributes, we saw one post from GolfChannel that summed-up both the occasion and the man so simply, but so beautifully:

Jordan Spieth
From the sublime and understated to, well, the opposite. We all know Ian Poulter is a fierce competitor and never one to say away from the limelight. So, when one of the first stories we saw this year was Ian taking to Instagram to show off his new Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta, which he had specially designed, we weren’t hugely surprised. Is there any room for the clubs in there??
Tiger Woods

Ok, back to the serious golf. January saw the Abu Dhabi Open take place with some early pace setting being done by McIlroy in his battle for global golf domination against his wonderboy rival, Jordan Spieth. However, it would be wrong to focus solely on those two when where there was, quite frankly, some insanely good golf played elsewhere. Our words can’t do it justice, so watch this <a href=""target="_blank>video from the European Tour. How do they make it look THAT easy?

We know that, with their sporting aptitude coordination and professional drive, footballers tend to make great golfers. So, when we saw this video of the Arsenal and Wales midfielder, Aaron Ramsey, appearing on the UK show, ‘A league of their own’ trying to break the world record for <a href=""target="_blank>the most hits of a golf ball in 30 seconds (think keepie uppies) we just had to see it. Did he break the record, you’ll need to watch to find out.


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