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Podcast: Jason Sobel, Golf Channel

"I've probably written, I would estimate, close to 1000 columns on Tiger Woods since I've been on the beat over 12 years- that may be a little high on the estimation side, maybe it's closer to 500...the point is, I've written a LOT." (22:03 mark)

That's right. He's Jason Sobel, and he's as close to the PGA Tour day-to-day as anybody alive, with the perspective and opinions to show for it. Listen to the podcast:

Table of Contents##

Working at Golf Channel 4:45
The Next Generation is on Stage 8:22
Jordan Spieth's Personality 12:28
Look Out for Justin Thomas 19:19
Sick of Covering the Tiger saga? 21:20


"[ESPN's Michael Collins] has got a little humor going for him, that's about it though." (4:11 mark)

"I love that...Koepka comes to the 18th hole in Phoenix, with however many thousands of fans watching, and pipes it 331 down the middle of the fairway, kind of shrugs his shoulders, and keeps going." (9:57 mark)

"[Spieth] acts like a player twice his age...he has that sort of demeanor about him. He has no problem walking past you, giving a little wink and a smile, and to me that's maturity." (13:51 mark)

"[Justin Thomas] is 143 pounds, and this kid averages about 315 off the tee. He just bombs it...I think he's going to be really good for a really long time." (20:05 mark)


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