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Switch Up Your Game With the Kaddey Switch Golf Trolley

Being keen golfers here at Hole19 HQ, we're always looking for products that can help enhance every round of golf and, ideally, shave a few strokes off our score. In the Kaddey Switch Push and Pull Golf Trolley, we think we have found a perfect companion for a day on the fairways.

The new Kaddey Switch has been innovated to change the way golfers use a trolley, offering players the opportunity to effortlessly shift between pushing downhill or while on the fairway, to pulling uphill or through the rough.

Kaddey is a team of avid golfers who are truly passionate about using their own experiences on and off the golf course to intelligently produce highly functional and aesthetically beautiful golf products. They believe in a 'less-is-more' design approach where decluttering is a central theme.

The Kaddey brand name was inspired by the service and experience of having a caddie on the course, while the products are developed to ‘Make Your Day’, and the Switch is at the forefront of that brand ethos.

‘When building the Kaddey brand we think about our experience playing links golf, where having a local caddie is a real asset to your performance because they know the course like the back of their hand. He or she is a specialist who knows the best line off the tee, the breaks on the greens, offers sound advice on club selection and tells great stories. They’re there to make your day. At Kaddey our role is the same: to make our customers' day on the golf course by designing world class products. Nick van der Plaat, one of the co-founders of Kaddey.

The company have a strong belief in social and environmental responsibility with the utmost importance placed upon reliable production methods, honest materials, fair compensation for employees and pleasant working conditions. All the packaging is made of cardboard, and most of the parts have a stamp with the material code to facilitate a smooth recycling process.

Kaddey’s business strategy is to operate a ‘direct to consumer’ offering, selling only through This enables the brand to own every aspect of the customer journey, from the design process to how golfers get to know the brand and lines of communication.

We love the revolutionary design of the Kaddey Switch Golf Trolley. The ease with which it switches up from push to pull will be a real energy-saver on some of the undulating golf courses that we amateur golfers love to play.

If you're in the market for a new golf trolley, ensure the Kaddey Switch is bang on your radar. Just like the traditional caddie, it's a companion that will help 'Make Your Day' on the golf course.

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Get Yours Today: The new Kaddey Switch is available ONLY at, priced at €319, which includes a wheel cover, thermos bottle and bottle holder worth €55. Standard free shipping is available on all on orders over €100 within the EU and the UK. Please visit the website to see the full Kaddey product collection.


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