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Lagshot Golf review

If you are anything like us, you are always on the lookout and searching for the best training aids on the market, to help improve your game. We genuinely think we have found that with Lagshot.

The details:

Lag Shot is a very flexible ‘blue shafted’ iron in 7 iron length with a beautifully crafted jet black head that is slightly heavier than normal. The Lag Shot currently retails at $119 (for a limited time only you can save $50 off the MRRP) with free shipping across the US. Lag Shot is available in both left and right handed models. But not only do you get the Lag Shot iron, you will also get exclusive access to the Lag Shot video training series with 3 time PGA teacher of the year and founder of the Scratch Golf Academy: Adam Bazalgette. ( Worth $67!) You will also get a 30 day money back guarantee with Lag Shot too!

Lag Shot definitely doesn’t hold back with the bold claims they make about their product: 2-3 clubs  increased distance on all shots, double your greens in regulation and 7-10 shots off your round. This training aid surely has a wide target audience as who doesn’t want to achieve one or all of those claims. But essentially, the training aid is for anyone who wants to create more distance, improve accuracy and create a simple and more consistent golf swing with better tempo.


A lot of training aids look and feel a little bit cheap, but not with the LagShot. The products look and feel premium, the grips felt great and the club head looks brilliant in the black finish. The clubs also come pre assembled which is great and you can get swinging straight away.

We would highly recommend that you watch the explainer videos with 3 times PGA Teacher of the Year Adam Bazalgette as they provide great insight into what the Lagshot is for and how to get the best out of your practise.

Having watched the videos and had a few practise swings with the club we started to get a feel for the weight of the club and how flexible the blue shaft is. It will take some getting used to for sure, as it does feel a little alien. We then started hitting some soft chips with the 7 iron and tried to get used to the feel of hitting a ball with the club, and to be honest the first couple of shots did not go well. In fact the first 4 went well right.

But after slowing down the transition and rotating our hands through impact we started hitting some great shots out of the middle. We found that after a short while, you become used to the club, grip, weight, feel etc and you will be able to get properly focused on what the club has been designed for. The Lag Shot is a fantastic product and really gets you generating lag and a smooth tempo, which will in turn get you to hit fantastic shots again and again and AGAIN.

We tested the Wedge, 7 iron and Driver models but if you go onto their website you will only see the 7 iron model available. This is because they want everyone to start with the 7iron model first and will then sell other models after this, If you are happy with the product, which we are sure you will be.

The final word:

The Lag Shot has helped our golf swing no end and definitely improved sequencing and tempo on all shots. Although we haven’t seen an increase in distance yet, this wasn’t something we were looking for with the Lag Shot. We were after creating a smoother swing and eradicating the bad shots in my game and at the same time decreasing my dispersion.  However that being said, we are sure that in a few more weeks of training with the Lag Shot our distances will increase. The Lag Shot is not something that will provide overnight success but with time, practise and patience you will be amazed by the results!

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