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Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Last Minute Golf Gift Ideas

Looking for presents for golfers at this time of year can be quite a difficult task. Of course, it's an awful lot easier if you're on the lookout for a golf-style treat for yourself 😜.

Whether a personal gift, or one for another golfer in your life, below we've highlighted a few of our favourite golf gift ideas for Christmas 2021.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are highly regarded in the golf world offering a soft a repetitive feel.

It's a golf ball with a soft core and provides great low compression, low spin and has a super soft urethane cover that gives buttery feel and plenty of bite around the greens.

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Quad Lock Golf Mount

One of our favourite golf accessories for 2021 has been the Quad Lock golf mount - not least for the fact that it further simplifies your Hole19 experience.

The patented dual-stage lock will secure your phone to your golf buggy or cart from the 1st fairway to the 18th green and beyond.

Easy on, easy off. Twist and lock to view apps like Hole19 and more. Detach your phone just as quickly so you don't miss a photo opportunity. Just like golf, it's all in the technique, not force.

There are certainly no guarantees with deliveries around this time of year, so the team at Quad Lock advise ordering before 19th December to give yourself the best chance of receiving yours before Christmas.

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Lag Shot Golf Trainer

The Lag Shot golf swing trainer is one of the most talked about and impactful training aids on the market. It helps you work on your swing tempo, create and store more lag and, in turn, lower your scores.

Coming in 7-iron, driver and wedge options, you can work on pretty much every part of your game.

As training aids go, it really is top drawer.

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Hack Motion Wrist Sensor

Here's an excellent idea for a gift for your favourite golfer - the HackMotion wrist sensor.

The unique data of wrist motion helps improve clubface control and consistency while shielding you from flipping the club and the dreaded slice.

HackMotion is a tour-level technology used and appreciated by the world's leading coaches working with tour players like Dustin Johnson, Tommy Fleetwood, and Bryson DeChambeau.

With endless potential benefit to your game, not to mention the Tour credibility, it probably won't come as a surprise that this Christmas gift idea sits at a rather more premium price point.

Shipping usually takes 2-5 days. Get yours today, and you'll receive your HackMotion wrist sensor before Christmas.

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Bob Rotella's 'Golf is Not a Game of Perfect'

If you're looking an engaging and potentially game-changing golf read this festive period, you would struggle to do any better than grabbing a copy of Bob Rotella's best-selling bible of the mental game.

'Golf is Not a Game of Perfect' has a central theme: do not strive for perfection. Instead, the book helps you focus on ways to improve your game and embrace every challenge that get's thrown your way on the golf course.

It's a must read for even the casual golfer.

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Hole19 Premium Pro Vouchers

Our Hole19 Premium Pro Vouchers are back again this festive season and are perfect for any golfer looking to improve their scores by upgrading to our full suite of game-enhancing features. 🏌️‍♂️

You can customise the voucher with a personal message and have it sent either directly to the recipient or to you to print and deliver by hand!

NOTE: Our team will be accepting orders until Thursday 23rd December. We cannot guarantee the delivery of orders made on the 24th.

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Hole19 Golf Caps

With the season of giving upon us, treat yourself or a golfer in your life to an exclusive Hole19 Cap. Available in Black or Grey , the caps are a stylish golf apparel addition and can be worn both on and off the golf course! 😎  

Our Hole19 Caps are the perfect gift for any occasion, not just Christmas. While FREE shipping is available worldwide, do bear in mind that the caps might not arrive in time for Christmas, especially if you live outside Europe.

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Hopefully our Magnificent Seven golf gift ideas have given you some food for thought as Christmas Day approaches.

Happy Holidays from all at Hole19 HQ.


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