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You've already set your golfing objectives for 2019, right?
If you're looking to lower your scores or gain a better understanding of your game so you can improve faster, we have great news for you!

For a limited time, along with our many game-enhancing features, by going Premium you will have free access to a selected number of Skillest coaches’ complete lessons, which you will be able to find on the Skillest App (they are worth a total of US$200 if purchased individually!!)*. For those that haven't heard of it, Skillest is a great tool that allows you to link in with golf coaches around the world, and we've partnered together!

These are the lessons that you can access by going Premium:

7 Step Driver Tutorial - Brian Wilbor
7 Days to Better Golf - Nathalie Filler
Key Elements to Short Game - Alex Elliott
Get Golfing + Back to Basic - Nathalie Filler
4 part video series on how to build the structure for an efficient golf swing - Steve Sieracki
13 Segment Short Game Series! - Daniel Carraher
Short Game Performance School + Additional Footage + Live Lessons (Inside 20 Yards) - Steven Giuliano
The Scoring Zone 4-Part eBook & Video Series - Steven Giuliano

Not only can you track the distance of your last shot, view high-quality course maps, get powerful, meaningful statistics to follow your progress, now you can also access some world-renowned golf coaches’ lessons!

This combination is sure to help you on your quest for real golf improvement!

Get started today and prepare to lower your scores in 2019.

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- This offer is available on all purchases made through the Hole19 Website, Google Play or App Store, not including Premium Lite.

- You will receive a series of Skillest promo codes upon the payment of your Premium subscription. Click here to find out how to redeem promo codes on the Skillest App.

- If you start a free trial, you will only receive your promo codes once your trial finishes and the first payment takes place.

- If you’re already Premium, you will receive your codes shortly.

- The promo codes will be available starting December 28th, 2018.

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