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Premium Lite Wearables: Get More Power On Your Wrist

We're super excited to share some great news with you. First, as our beloved Hole19 Premium is just getting better and better with each passing month, we've decided to call it Hole19 Premium Pro from now on.

Also, we keep working on more affordable ways to help you improve your golf game, that’s why we are very pleased to introduce the new Premium Lite packages:

Premium Lite Wearables

Take advantage of your smartwatch and have more power on your wrist with these key features:

  • Auto-Change Hole
  • Distance Tracker
  • Match Play
  • Watch Scoring (Multiplayer included)

Premium Lite Wearables will help you improve your game using powerful features while keeping you lighter and freer. No need to whip out your phone to change holes, measure the distance of your shots, enter ALL of your scores or play with your golf buddies.  You'll now have more time to simply focus on that perfect swing.

You will be able to subscribe to this new Premium package through the App Store only, simply go to the 'More' section of your Hole19 App.

Most golfers are perfectly happy with Hole19 on the smartphone, while others find that using a smartwatch rather than a phone to interact with the app is a very pleasant, time-saving experience. And although you still need your phone to use Auto-Change Hole, you will have the advantage of using very minimal battery power.

Like the sound of Premium Lite Wearables? For a limited time you can upgrade to this plan for only 1.99€ (or equivalent) per month and pay this lower price forever. Starting 10th March, the normal subscription will cost 2,99€ per month.

Let us give you more power on your wearable, and then it's over to you to make wiser decisions on the golf course.

Subscribe directly on the 'More' section of the App (Tap ‘More’ at the bottom bar > Select ‘Go’ on the Premium Lite > Choose the plan you would like to subscribe).

Not carrying a Smartwatch to the golf course?

There's another new Lite plan available for those who prefer to stick with their phones: Premium Lite Birdie. Get access to Augmented Reality (AR), Club Recommendation and Match Play features for only 1.49€ (or equivalent) / month!

If you wish to upgrade to this monthly plan instead, we have a treat for you too! Just as with Wearables, by upgrading before 10th March, you will pay only 0.99€ per month (or equivalent, forever).

Don't miss the chance to access powerful features for less!

Happy Golfing!

1. Auto-Change Hole feature requires the smartphone.
2. Premium Lite Wearables and Birdie are only available on the App Store.
3. The regular price of 2.99€ (or equivalent) for Lite Wearables and 1.49€ (or equivalent) for Lite Birdie will be effective from March 10th, 2019.
4. Golfers that upgrade before March 10th will benefit from this offer for an unlimited time, as long as their subscription remains active.
5. Visit our Help Centre to learn more about Premium Lite.


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