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Make More Birdies With These Great Putting Tips

You will have heard the saying: 'drive for show and putt for dough' and here at Hole19 HQ we couldn't agree more.

If you're going to meet your potential and hit your golfing goals, you will need to improve your play with the short stick in hand. With that in mind, check out these great putting tips and golf drills which are sure to have you holing more putts in no time.

Create a Pendulum Stroke

In this video PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of MeAndMyGolf explain how to create a pendulum putting stance to help improve your putting.

They focus on posture, grip pressure and pace control with each of these three aspects coming together to provide a free pendulum-like putting stroke which will help you find the hole more often.

Don't Fear Those Little 'Knee-Knockers'

There are few more nerve-wracking feelings in golf than when you're standing over a short putt for par. Check out this golf drill from the great Butch Harmon to help you sink those frustrating little three-footers. He encourages you to 'putt with your left ear'...

Practice With Purpose

Phil Mickelson is a big advocate of golf drills that help you become infallible from close range. The five-time major champion has a great putting practice game that will help you confidently stroke the ball home when you find that three foot circle in competitive play...

Nail Those Lag Putts

Dave Pelz shows you how to use your binocular vision to enhance distance and depth perception when it comes to putts beyond 30-35 feet. Don't even think about holing the ball in this scenario - three-putt avoidance is key...

Never Three Putt Again

Following on from the pointers on lag putting above, top golf coach Chris Ryan has three key golf tips to never three putt again by levelling-up on your distance putting.

Improve Your Green Reading

Justin Rose gives you some insights into his own putting approach and how he uses both his eyes and feet to get a true green read. He also explains the importance of finding the straight putt to help work out the break your putt will face.

Aspire to Greatness

When you get your putting stroke working well, you might be able to try replicating this awesome lag by the great Jack Nicklaus. It might be a little optimistic, but we just wanted another excuse to show you this monster putt...

As well as levelling up your putting stroke, gaining a better understanding of your game will help your scores tumble in 2019. Join Hole19 FREE today by clicking your iOS or Android button below. You can also learn more about the game-enhancing benefits of Hole19 Premium.

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