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Manors Golf drop ICON Collection 02

Headline - Manors Golf Launch the ICON Collection 02

Manors Golf is one of the freshest new golf fashion companies around.  Hailing from London, UK, Manors Golf are making a lot of noise in the golf market right now with their iconic designs. After speaking with one of Manors co-founders Jojo Regan, he gave us insight into how the brand came to fruition.

‘Manors was born out of a frustration with the lack of diversity in the clothing market.Wearing clothes that supposedly enhanced your game just felt like it was missing the point for why most people play golf.’

Now, after a successful first year and a number of exciting drops already, including The Scottish Highlands, (see above) the Icon collection and the classic collection. Manors Golf are excited to announce the launch of the Icon Collection 02.

"The Icon's products are designed and manufactured in England to ensure the highest quality finish and detailing. The collection includes three completely new silhouettes and the return of the fan favourite from our December drop.

The range includes our 100% cotton t-shirts and the return of our popular icon hats. Following a number of requests, we are excited to announce the addition of a limited run of round-neck sweaters as part of this drop and of course, stickers."

Now, although some of you may be put off by the premium price points of some of the collection, we can assure you that you are getting products of the highest quality, and well worth the price in our opinion. The products are very simple in design but make a bold statement with a choice of 4 embroidered ICON silhouettes. We can't wait to get our hands on some!

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