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Mastering Chipping and Wedge Play

Following on from the legendary putting tips from some past Masters, this week we're taking a look at some of the best ways to improve your shots around the green.

Once again, all these tips and wedge practice ideas come from some past Masters and legends of the you know you're in good hands!

Wedge-wizard, Phil Mickelson is first up and here he takes us through the Hinge and Hold chipping technique:

How would you like to generate awesome amounts of spin like Sergio Garcia? Don't answer, just watch:

And here's the great man again, this time talking through the technique he deploys on a shot he's become synonomous with - the Flop Shot:

Ok, so Rory's yet to get his hands on a green jacket of his very own...but surely it can't be long until he does. Can it?!
Regardless, here's some advice from Rory on controlling your wedges:

Jordan Spieth is most well known for his prowess with a putter, but he's not too shabby with a wedge either. Here he takes us through hitting a low check spinning chip shot:

Another spin-packed chipping tip for you, this time from 2013 Master Adam Scott. Here's how to hit a high spinning lob shot to get you up and over trouble and stopping fast:

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