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Podcast: Michael Collins, ESPN (part 1)


"Once we gave [Judas Priest] the shirts and the hats and they realized that Omar [Uresti] actually was a PGA Tour Pro...for like an hour, it was me, Omar, and the Band, and all they wanted to do was talk golf. Like, you'd think, rock and roll, hall of rock, they're going to be back there partying, with chicks and booze and all kinds of drugs- NAH!! It was fruit, and water, and soda, a couple beers...It was awesome. It was like the Wizard of Oz- you lift the curtain and you're like, you know what, these guys are actually pretty cool dudes, and it's because I wouldn't expect this." (20:00 mark)

Michael Collins knows his way around a microphone. Having been a stand-up comedian, PGA Tour caddie, and now ESPN Golf Analyst, the guy is a storyteller exraordinaire.

And did I mention downright hilarious?

Listen to part 1 here (Table of Contents below):

Table of Contents##

Michael & Rob Meet at the Virtual Green at the PGA Show 2:12
The difference between Vice Media and Vice Golf 6:12
The phenomenon that is the Waste Management Phoenix Open 10:24
Michael wants to go to Bonnaroo Music Festival 16:07
Michael goes backstage at the Judas Priest Concert 18:35

More Funny Coming...##

Michael Collins Podcast parts 2 & 3 are coming next week.

Check out more from The Man Michael Collins @ESPNCaddie on Twitter and on ESPN Golf.

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