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Mizuno JPX-S Golf Ball - GolfNews

Mizuno JPX-S Golf Ball

Mizuno’s new JPX-S ball boasts a soft-compression, three-piece design that offers all-round performance for a wide range of swing speeds.

By softening the core, Mizuno’s has not only been able to enhance the feel of the JPX-S at impact, but also deliver increased initial ball speed for the majority of golfers. The aerodynamics have been improved via an enhanced version of Mizuno’s unique dimple-cluster design, which converts increased ball speed into extra yards.

The JPX-S feature 566 dimples – 54 more than were found on the original JPX models – further boosting the ball’s ability to maintain its flight for longer, with the micro dimples taking effect at lower ball speeds to deliver increased hang time past the apex of the ball’s flight.

£35 for 12, <a href = '" target = 'new'> golf.mizunoeurope

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