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New Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes | First Look

With their new ZG21 golf shoes, adidas have listened to the demands of today's golfers and delivered a new era in lightweight golf footwear.

The ZG21 is a high-performance golf shoe that is both lightweight and comfortable. It's adidas' lightest spiked footwear model to feature BOOST cushioning and is up to 20 per cent lighter than comparable spiked models in previous ranges. While significantly lighter than many competitor models, just being lightweight wasn’t enough. The ZG21 is jam-packed with new tech too.

For the first time ever in golf, LIGHTSTRIKE works alongside BOOST cushioning to help you maintain stability through the swing. At the same time, the lightweight and waterproof SPRINTSKIN four-layer upper combines innovative textiles and polyurethane films for breakthrough performance.

The new durable TPU insert called STABILITY FIN is crafted into the lateral sidewall and offers increased lateral stability as well as a locked-in feel throughout the swing.

Combining each of these pieces of tech in one shoe has led to ZG21 being up to 20% lighter than comparable spiked models in the adidas range.

Inspired by heat-map studies and running from heel to toe, the SWINGPLANE TRACTION system targets the areas and places the maximum amount of traction where it’s needed most.

The new ZG21 outsole features an ultra-thin TPU construction, six strategically placed cleats, and a new crescent moon-shaped secondary lug to optimize grip, support ardwnd performance while ultimately reducing weight.

ZG21 will come in four models: men’s laced, men’s and women’s BOA, and a simplified laced offering for junior golfers. The two BOA models feature the new BOA Fit System, a ‘Y’-strap design that’s a first in the sport and provides an even higher level of performance. The configuration wraps around the foot, creating a secure fit over the instep and provides flexibility and freedom in the toe box. The men’s ZG21 BOA is also the first golf shoe on the market to feature Li2 – a sleek, low-profile dial platform that modulates tension when and where needed with enhanced speed and effortless execution.

All ZG21 models will be available exclusively on and the adidas app starting today, and at select retailer partners worldwide beginning Feb. 1, 2021.


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