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New Hole19 Premium Feature: Stats Filtering (iOS only)

Analyse, Compare & Improve

A brand-new feature has just arrived to the Hole19 App and you're going to want to take full advantage of it!

With Stats Filtering you'll gain a greater understanding of your golf rounds and performance level over different periods of time, or even at a particular golf course, which is perfect for course management and season comparison!

Note: currently this feature is only available for iOS.

This is how you can use this Premium feature:

1. In the 'Performance' section of your app, tap 'filter' on the top right of the screen.

Filter Button

2. Select the start and end dates if you'd like to filter by date, or select the golf course where you've previously played to see the corresponding stats.

Filters Modal

3. You'll see your statistics and rounds filtered by date, golf course or both!

Stats Filtered

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Why This Feature Can Be Incredibly Useful

Use the data provided to analyse your on-course performance, compare it with your past results or your target performance level to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and, ultimately, make better decisions about what to focus on so you can improve faster!

1. Compare your performance over seasons
How did your last season go? Well, now you will immediately know if your golf game has progressed or if you still have room for improvement during the current season.

2. Review Your Golf Equipment
Maybe it's not you, maybe it's your clubs? If you changed your equipment recently, you can review your 'Club Statistics', filtering them by date. Who knows, maybe you will find out that your clubs were defective after all or maybe even discover that they're the perfect ones for you!

3. Skill level by golf course
Discover the golf courses where you excel and those where you need a little further improvement - challenge yourself on those more difficult golf courses!

4. Shape your practice plan
Set your target performance level, analyse the data of your practice rounds and gauge if you're getting better. This is also perfect for golf coaches as you can both track your progress and design an efficient practice plan together!

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