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A new scoring mode has arrived on the Hole19 App...

Some of our eagle-eyed Hole19'ers may have spotted this already, but earlier this week we introduced a new scoring function to the Hole19 App.

We're always listening to our Hole19'ers feedback, and something we kept hearing was that lots of our golfers wanted to be able to play a round using Hole19 without having to keep score.

Well, your wish is our command...

Introducing our new 'No Scoring' Mode.

By selecting this option whilst setting up your round you'll be able to play Scorecard free, using just the in-round GPS and distances features.

Here's where you can find it in the round setup:

No Scoring mode on Round Setup

You'll play your round as normal, you just won't need to enter the score as you go.

As always, we're right here if you need anything.

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