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What's in our 'Dream Bag' for 2018

We've browsed the bags, deliberated on the drivers, and perused the putters available on the market right now to come up with our 'Dream' golf bag setup for the coming season.

There are a number of big brand releases due before the season gets underway, but we just couldn't wait!

Here are the golf clubs that would feature in our 'perfect' bag for the 2018 season:


Honorable mention have to go to the new Titleist 917 range; Titleist has never been known for their forgiving clubs, but this driver is truly fantastic. Even for those of us with handicaps on the higher side. Here's what Rick Shiel's thought of it:

Our choice of driver has to got to the Callaway EPIC GBB (Great Big Bertha); its 'Jailbreak' technology is a real step-change in the way ball speed is generated. We're looking forward to Callaway's upcoming 'Rogue' range but, for now, the EPIC absolutely earns a spot in our bag.

Here's how the fancy tech works:


Now, we know not everyone takes a fairway wood with them. In the Hole19 office, there's a fairly even split between those that do and those that don't...but nearly all of us agreed that if we were to take one it would have to be the TaylorMade M2:


The majority of us at H19 HQ would class ourselves as 'improving' golfers (and that's being optimistic), So that's the level of iron's we all look at.

We had a bit of a stalemate on this one, so we're going to cheat a little. Here are our top 2 golf iron options for 2018 and a couple of mid-handicapper reviews to go with them:

Titleist 716 AP1 Irons

Callaway Apex CF-16 Irons


Now, we have another 2 options here...but this isn't cheating or us copping-put. Honest! We've simply split this by heel-toe and mallet putter options.

The heel-toe users amongst us opted for the Scotty Cameron Select (Newport 2). 'Scottys' really have set the standard for blade putters. With great style, great performance and a legacy going back decades, we couldn't have a 'dream' golf bag without one:

For our mallet option, just picking the PING Sigma and Scotty Futura, was the TaylorMade Spider Tour. With a reall crisp connection and great stability, it provides feel and fantastic control on the greens:

That's it! Our perfect golf bag for 2018 from what's on the market right now.

Money no object, what would you have in your bag? Are you planning on any upgrades for the new season?


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